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Translate a DNA Sequence

Input a nucleic acid sequence and obtain graphical and textual depictions of its possible translations.
Enter or paste a DNA (or RNA) sequence into the upper text box, then click the Translate button. Two types of output are generated:
  • A graphical representation of all six translational frames, showing methionines (ATG) and stop codons. Large open reading frames are readily observed on this map.
  • A text listing of the translation - several options are available via drop down boxes, including which frame is displayed. If you wish to use the translated protein as input to another program, choose the "amino acids only" option for display.

    Clicking on one of the graphical lines will generate in a message that defines the amino acid at that position and, if appropriate, the open-reading frame (ORF) encompassed. ORFs are defined as sequences that potentially encode proteins. As used here, an ORF begins with a methionine and terminates at the amino acid immediately preceeding the next stop codon. In the example below, there are two ORFs. Clicking the line between the two methionines would define ORF 1, whereas clicking between the second methionine and the first stop downstream would define ORF 2.

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    Last updated on July 11, 1998
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