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Vaginal Cytology: Self Evaluations

Test your ability to interpret vaginal smears and to answer questions about the associated physiology by examining the following cases. Some of the cases involve loading somewhat large graphics files (approximate download size indicated) that may be annoyingly slow by modem. Also, all of these cases require that your brower is enabled for Javascript.

Case 1 Classify stages of a cycle by examining images from 8 smears taken from Aggie the Large Munsterlander.
Case 2 Examine two slides taken from an bitch bred during behavioral estrus. How likely is the dog to be pregnant?
Case 3 A young bitch is observed being bred. Examine a series of smears to determine where in the cycle she was when bred and therefore how likely she is to become pregnant.
Case 4 A 5 year-old bitch is mated for the first time. Based on the timing of the breedings and the vaginal cytology, predict whether she became pregnant.

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Last updated on July 16, 2001
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