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Canine Vaginal Cytology: Case 3

Cinder is an 8 month-old Alaskan husky who was recently purchased from a sled dog kennel as an addition to a small, but high-quality racing team.

On Monday, when Cinder's new owner picked her up, the kennel owner informed her that on Sunday there had been a tie between Cinder and an intact male who was in the same run. The kennel owner did not believe that Cinder was in estrus as Cinder had not shown any signs of coming into heat (vulva did not seem swollen, no blood spotting) and speculated that the male had bred her because a different bitch was in standing heat a few kennels over.

The new owner most certainly did not want Cinder to be pregnant, so on Tuesday she started preparing vaginal smears to see where Cinder was in her cycle. Use the Back and Forward buttons below to scan through images of those smears at low and high magnification.

So here's the question: What are the chances that Cinder became pregnant? Assume that the male was fertile. Base your answer on when she was bred relative to progression of vaginal cytologic changes. Remember that the breeding took place on Sunday, two days before the first vaginal smear.

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Last updated on March 18, 2001
Author: R. Bowen
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