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Collection and Evaluation of Semen: Introduction and Index

In any species, there are two principal indications for collecting semen:

  • As a prelude to artificial insemination, which often involves short or long-term semen storage
  • To assess the potential fertility of a male and provide diagnostic information in cases of infertility

Semen has been collected from a very large number of creatures. In dairy cattle, chickens and turkeys, semen collection, processing and insemination is a large industry, and has been indispensible in genetic improvement programs. At the other end of the spectrum are species like elephants and killer whales, where semen collection has been reported, but is far from a routine procedure.

Core information on semen collection and evaluation is presented in the following topics:

Advanced and supplemental information on semen evaluation:

Last updated on January 27, 2003
Author: R. Bowen
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